Four reasons why an exercise buddy is a great idea

We all know how good exercise is for our body and mind, but it can be a real challenge to maintain interest and prioritise it, especially as we get busy. It can be daunting, it can be exciting, it can be many things to many people. Whatever you’re feeling about exercise, doing it with a friend, colleague or family member might be the solution to increase your motivation, and here’s why….

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1. It’s more fun exercising with a friend
It’s hard to get bored if you have an exercise buddy, and it will help the time pass quickly too.

2. You can build new friendships
Perhaps you have a team member or work colleague who is showing a vague interest in starting an exercise routine? Commit to a plan together and you’ll have something to talk about as you get to know them during your workout sessions.

3. You’re more likely to stick to your commitment
It’s not a nice feeling being stood up, nor letting someone down by not turning up. So, having an exercise buddy means you’re less likely to bail on the workout with lame excuses.

4. You might learn some new ideas
Variety is one of the keys to sticking to a plan, things get boring after a time. Your exercise buddy might have some interesting ideas to try out that you don’t know about. It’s fun learning something new and maybe less reason to quit.

There are of course plenty more reasons, these are just our top four! For a simple start, try scheduling a walk during your tea breaks or lunch break (or all three!) with a colleague. Make these non-negotiable to ensure you get some healthy movement into your day. Even a 5-10min jaunt will see you refreshed when you’re back at your desk!

If you’re keen on starting at the gym, we’ve got an awesome summer special starting 1 November, available for purchase throughout November. Check out our specials page for more info. Memberships are available to everyone, not just UC staff and students, so you can bring your exercise buddy with you!

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Enjoy these blissful summer days coming our way!