Spring Gradfest 30 Oct – 3 November

Spring Gradfest starts next week with a variety of sessions to help you along the thesis journey, as well as new social events where you can meet other postgraduates from UC.

Although your main focus at UC will be on your postgraduate work, something valuable I learned at a previous Gradfest is that it is still important to make time to socialise. Thesis study can be an isolating experience, and it’s important to make friends to survive and thrive. Knowing that social time is acceptable keeps you from feeling guilty about it, and you’ll find that learning to manage your schedule is a vital part of the journey.

Gradfest has a variety of sessions to help you with your thesis work, including ones on writing, presentations, and technology. But this time it also has new social events like a Welcome social in the Shilling Club and a BBQ lunch. These are great opportunities to meet fellow postgraduates from other departments, so be sure to make space in your schedule for them.

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-Kara, international PhD student at UC