Getting the most from your mobile devices

Drop-in discovery clinic:
Getting the most out of the mobile devices you bring to work.

All staff welcome
Anytime between 9-11am
Tuesday 7 November
Poutama training room – Level 3 Puaka-James Hight, Room 388

Do you understand the mobile devices you bring to work? Your mobile phone? Your tablet/iPad?  Do you have ideas, knowledge or expertise – for example with particular device types (eg Android, iOS) – that you could share with others?

Drop in to our mobile devices discovery clinic and discover what your devices can do. Bring your phone, iPad, etc – or try ours. Ask some one-on-one questions of our experts and learn how to find answers.

We are exploring the concept of staff using their own mobile devices for work mobility and productivity – known as “BYOD” or “Bring Your Own Device”, this is an operational objective for 2017-2019.

We are running a drop-in discovery clinic, to which staff can bring their own mobile devices and explore other models, with experts on hand to answer questions and explain features.

Overall we intend this drop-in discovery clinic to:
– foster constructive discussion on the use of personally owned devices for work
– help us begin to understand barriers or concerns

The drop-in discovery clinic will enable:
• Chatting with experts
• Exposing you to options with the technology
• Allowing hands-on playing with a range of devices
• Exploring possibilities
• Capturing insights and tips

Any questions, contact the Event organisers:

Tim Stedman – Library

Martin Budd – HR

John Todd – ITS