Innovation and developments at UC Careers, Internship and Employment Centre

Chris Bridgman, Manager | Kaiwhakahaere of UC’s Careers, Internships and Employment Centre | Te Rōpū Rapuara, says students often come to the Centre unaware of the huge range of opportunities available to them.

“Many students think in terms of quite a prescribed pathway, but the world of work is changing rapidly, so we encourage students
to be alert to these changes and to seek opportunities to enhance their employability.”

Chris says the Careers Kit – a series of 74 brochures on all the major subjects taught at UC – helps illustrate some of the wide range of real-world career options.

“We are continuously working with employers, so we have current information about industry developments and what employers are looking for in well-rounded employees. Skills and qualities in high
demand include communication skills, analytical and critical thinking, interpersonal and team skills, and a work ethic.”

Chris says the Centre is also able to inform employers about how to attract young employees and what their expectations are.
“We offer an integrated model – our work with students is informed by our interaction with employers and vice versa.”

The Centre helps broker relationships with industry bodies and employer groups via numerous employer information sessions
and Careers Fairs throughout each year. The Careers team also manages UC’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) system, which is
aligned to UC’s graduate attributes and formally recognises students’ extracurricular activities as evidence of their work readiness.

Although only in its second year, the CCR already features 40 different activities – ranging from Student Volunteer Army work to peer note-taking – and involves nearly 1,000 students.

Another relatively recent innovation is UC’s nationwide Parents as Career Educator (PACE) seminars. The PACE seminars are designed to help parents of students in Years 11 to 13 guide their teenagers to make informed decisions about their future. A UC Career
Consultant covers the world of work, how to make and support informed career decisions, and helpful career development resources.

“The seminars have proven to be very popular with parents, indicating how helpful they have been in assisting them to help
their school students,” says Chris.

The Centre works hard to listen to the student voice and adapt its services to be engaging and responsive. It advises those returning for postgraduate study and assists recent graduates with finding jobs through the UC CareerHub, which lists job vacancies.

“Increasingly we are seeing students right throughout their studies, which is the key to making the most of their time at university in terms of career planning and development.”

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