Remotely access your email and calendar

It is easy to access your email and calendar from outside UC using the Outlook Web App.

On your mobile device or computer, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open a Web browser, eg, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc
  2. Open the University of Canterbury website:
  3. Click Staff, in the top centre of the webpage window
    – this takes you to the Information for staff webpage
  4. Click Current staff
    – taking you to the UC Staff Intranet webpage
  5. Click Exchange Email, beneath the heading My Tools (on the left side of the webpage)
    the Outlook Web App window opens
  6. Select This is a public or shared computer if you are logging in from a public place such as a cafe, shopping centre, airport, hotel, etc.
    Alternatively, select This is a private computer if you are logging in from home.
  7. Select Use the light version of Outlook Web App if you are connecting via a slow internet connection
  8. Enter your username and password
  9. Click the sign in button
    – The Outlook Web App displays, showing your Outlook account.
  10. Use your Outlook account as you would normally

NOTE: Outlook Web App is not as fully featured as Microsoft Outlook, so some features may not work as usual.

If you need to set Out of Office (eg, if you are at home sick), click options in the upper right corner and click set automatic replies.

When you are finished, click sign out  in the upper right corner.

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