Are you using this technology? Innovative online symposium

Is anyone else doing this?

Una Cunningham of Teacher Education and Jeanette King of Aotahi convened the Third UC Intergenerational Transmission of Minority Languages Symposium: Challenges and Benefits, which opened on 11 December 2017.

The symposium was entirely online and asynchronous. Presenters send in pre-recorded video presentations which are uploaded to YouTube and Figshare (so each presentation gets a doi number). The understanding is that uploading implies consent to having the material available under a Creative Commons attribution licence (CC BY 4.0). Then each presentation has a page on our Learning & Teaching Languages Research Lab WordPress site  with the name and affiliation of the author(s), the abstract they submitted previously, an embedded link to the YouTube version of the video file, and information about how to cite the presentation including a mention of the symposium and the doi number which links back to the Figshare version of the file (generally in the less compressed version supplied by the author), which in turn also links to the symposium WordPress page. The comment function is enabled, but moderated.

The format attracted presenters from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Italy, Taiwan, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, India, Qatar and Brazil as well as Australia and New Zealand. Presenters had the opportunity to share their work indefinitely, with a very wide audience, and to receive comments and enter into discussion with others, inside and outside academia, without any kind of paywall.

We haven’t heard of this being done elsewhere, but we would love to hear about it if someone at UC is doing this too or knows of anything similar. Please take a look at some of these presentations and let us know what you think!