UC hosts Asia Europe Foundation Summer University in February

Between 4 to 10 February 2018, UC will be hosting the 21st Asia Europe Foundation Summer University Programme (ASEFSU21). After a week in Melbourne at Swinburne University, 51 delegates from 51 different countries across Europe and Asia will be spending a week at Bishop Julius Hall; the focus of the programme is ‘Youth with Disabilities: Shaping Inclusive ASEM Societies’.

Whilst at UC the delegates will be split into groups and they will work on eight different challenges which have been set by ASEF partner organizations. The challenges cover a range of areas including mobility, economic security and employment, health and well-being and inclusive education. UC has set the challenge for ASEFU21 in the area of inclusive education. The delegates will present their final challenge outcomes at a gala dinner on Friday 9 February.

The Asia-Europe Foundation is an organization which promotes understanding, strengthens relationships and facilitates cooperation among people, institutions and organizations of Asia and Europe. ASEF enhanced dialogue, enables exchanges and encouraged collaboration across the thematic areas of culture, education, governance, sustainable development, economy and public health. ASEF is an intergovernmental not-for-profit organization which is located in Singapore (www.asef.org).

In addition to the challenge work the delegates will have the opportunity to participate in Waitangi Day celebrations at Okains Bay and to meet with SkillWise, an organization based in Christchurch which provides support options for adults with intellectual disabilities across a range of activities including becoming work ready.

UC is delighted to be working in partnership with the ASEF!

UC’s CFO in running for prestigious award

Congratulations to Executive Director / Chief Financial Officer | Kaihautū Matua Ahumoni Keith Longden who has been selected as one of three finalists for the 2018 CFO Awards CFO of the year.

The CFO Summit & Awards team received a record number of submissions for the 2018 awards. The awards will be presented at the 2018 New Zealand CFO summit in March which is expected to be attended by over 200 of New Zealand’s leading financial practitioners and organisations.