Blue CLUES (what’s that?) and working more effectively in Teams: UC’s Organisational Culture Development – update #4

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Blue CLUES* is a newly formed learning community for UC Leaders supporting the organisational culture development programme. The purpose of the community is to support constructive relationships and connections that encourage learning from each other and from experts, enable sharing and solving of challenges, and provide a place for collaborating on opportunities and initiatives.

Culture Leaders are SMT-nominated and generally include all members of an area’s Executive team, those leading teams of five or more, plus others in significant or influential roles in that area. To prepare for facilitating the debrief of the OCI/OEI results as well as enable ongoing culture development and initiatives within their area and beyond, Culture Leaders undertake the LSI, attend UC’s Leading Change and Coaching Conversations workshops, and a 2-day Culture Leader training workshop facilitated by Human Synergistics.

The inaugural Blue CLUES was held on the 22 March and 130 of the current 180 UC Culture Leaders attended. The two-hour session began with a presentation from Shaun McCarthy (Human Synergistics). Then followed a panel Q&A session – with Rod Carr, Darryn Russell, Anne Scott, Iain MacPherson, Janet Carter, Catherine Moran and Letitia Fickel, along with Shaun and Pam Wilson (Human Synergistics).

It was great to see the engagement and interest from those present. You can read more about this session and watch YouTube footage on the Blue CLUES website. More sessions are planned. Culture Leaders – your ideas on the structure and content of further sessions is welcomed via the survey on the webpage link above or you can email

*’Blue’ refers to the four constructive styles – Achievement, Self-Actualising, Humanistic-Encouraging and Affiliative.
CLUES is an acronym formed from Culture Leadership Understanding and Education Seminars.

Team Management Profile – a Pilot
As part of our culture development efforts, we are piloting a tool called the Team Management Profile to assist individuals within teams to analyse their work style preferences and consider their implications for effective team performance. Participating in this individual and team analysis, together with facilitated discussions about how we work together, supports the constructive behaviours we are building across UC.

The Team Management Profile (TMP)…

“… gives you insights into how you prefer to work and how you are likely to interact with others in the workplace…..The Profile gives you information about your probable areas of strengths at work and within a team. It is the starting point for learning and development, and a tool that will give you a better understanding of how to maximise your potential and work with others.”

Here’s more about the tool and the research behind it.

We’ve approached a small number of work areas to pilot this programme. Once we’ve evaluated how this supports the organisational culture development already underway, we’ll decide whether to utilise this more widely. If you would like more information about this pilot you can talk to my colleague Karen Grant.

Finding Out More
– See UC’s Culture Journey website for more information on the UC programme, tools, articles and white papers, FAQs and more.
– Share your good news stories about culture change. Snippet of news? Use the short format. More reflective story to tell? Use the slightly longer format (suitable for Culture Leaders).
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