Another Blue CLUES session, some thoughts, and more… UC’s Organisational Culture Transformation – update #5

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What’s this all about?
If you are just getting involved in UC’s organisational culture development programme or you are new to UC, here’s some background….
– UC’s Culture Development Programme – a collection of resources
– UC’s Culture Development Timeline – what’s happening when?
Cutting through the noise: What is Culture? – a good read on what organisational culture is and why it matters (pdf).

This month’s thought: from a Service Unit Manager whose team is a few months into working with their culture results…
“Our team culture has improved. Blame has left our vocabulary.”

The second Blue CLUES session is in the planning phase. Thanks for completing the survey after the first session and letting us know what you want from this learning community. We now have 180+ people in leadership roles who are involved in culture development so this time I am planning one session, but repeating it twice. This means we will have two smaller interactive groups plus you have the choice of two times. The session is likely to be held the week commencing 18 June. The working title is….

“Leading a Team out of the Green and into the Blue”

… and there will be a focus on building understanding of an Approval, Conventional, Dependent and Avoidance culture as well as formulating some strategies to reinforce the constructive styles. Look out for your invitation!

Information about the first Blue CLUES (including videos of the presentation and subsequent panel Q&A) can be found in my Blog #4.

* Blue refers to the four constructive styles – Achievement, Self-Actualising, Humanistic-Encouraging and Affiliative. CLUES is an acronym – Culture Leadership Understanding and Education Seminars.

“Culture Bites” Podcasts
Human Synergistics publish a variety of resources, here’s a couple to listen to:
– 001 Kickstarting a Passive Team (from a team member’s perspective) – 19 minute audio
– 002 Dealing with Delegation – 30 minute audio. There are good linkages here to the circumplex and behaviours as well as some suggested strategies for successful delegation e.g. reframing delegation towards the development of others as well as a way of maximising output. It also talks about ‘brave’ conversations and why people value feedback.

Finding Out More
– See UC’s Culture Development Programme website for more information on the UC programme, the underpinning research, tools, articles and white papers, FAQs and more.
– Share your good news storiesabout culture change.
– Previous blogs.

Ngā mihi nui
Karen Mather, Organisational Development Manager

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