A Very Handy To-Do List Tool

Do you find typical to-do lists less than satisfactory? You may find that a more visual layout of your to-do list helps.

This device-independent tool called TRELLO* is my personal favourite.

Trello is a free task management app that gives you a visual overview of what you have to do, what you are working on now, and what has been completed. Or it could be what you need to do next, what is in progress, and what is ready for review. Or it could be your shopping list: things you already have, things need to buy, things you have bought. You can apply it to all sorts of things. Use it in whatever ways work for you. I have multiple Trello “Boards” (lists). One for work, one for a particular project, one for things around the house, one for a holiday I am planning, and so on.

The way Trello works is that to-do items are arranged like Post-it notes in multiple columns which in turn are laid out side-by-side. Once you have completed something, you drag it from one column to the next, e.g., from the Work In Progress column to the Done column.

Here are a couple of examples from the Trello site:

You can access the same Trello board on your computer, phone, and tablet. You can also share the Trello board with other people and assign tasks to them.

Find out more about Trello here.

*Trello was developed using the Kanban system, which was developed by Toyota as a system to keep production levels high and maintain flexibility. the Kanban system is often utilised using a whiteboard and Post-it notes.

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