UC Workshop on Integrity in Scientific Research

With the support of the UC Business School Research Committee, we are organizing an interdisciplinary workshop on integrity in scientific research, tentatively scheduled for Friday 26 October.

Issues to be covered include:
• (Non)-reproducibility of research/replications
• Plagiarism/fake research results/retractions of papers
• (Lack of) data sharing/transparency/open data
• Data privacy
• Methods to analyse scientific integrity including meta-analysis/systematic reviews
• Open science
• Alternatives to Null Hypothesis Statistical Testing
• Tools available for reproducible research

If you are interested in presenting at this workshop or would simply like to attend, please contact tom.coupe@canterbury.ac.nz

We plan to invite some scholars from other institutions in New Zealand – suggestions for speakers are most welcome too!

Arindam Basu (UC School of Health Sciences)
Tom Coupe (UC Business School)
Brian Haig (UC Department of Psychology)
Bob Reed (UC Business School)