Give me back my window

Last week we talked about what to do if your computer screen (monitor) switches itself off.

But if that doesn’t work and you have to log an Assyst, how do you access the work that is displaying on the blacked-out screen?

  1. Press Windows/Start key + left arrow key.
  2. Repeat until the window appears on your visible monitor.

If the wrong window appears:

  1. press Windows/Start key + tab key
    – all your open windows will display as a cascade across your screen
  2. tap the tab key repeatedly, while holding down the Windows/Start key
  3. when the window you wish to access is visible in the cascade of windows, click that window with your mouse (while still holding down the Windows/Start key) – this makes that window the active window
  4. now press Windows/Start key + left arrow key
  5. repeat until the window appears on your visible monitor.

Congratulations: you have just done something very tricky.


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