What do we want…..? When do we want it…? UC’s Organisational Culture Transformation – update #6

Ngā mihi nui kia koutou katoa (warm greetings to you all)

This month’s blog is all about what organisational culture WE say WE want.  ‘We’ at this point in time means the 355 UC staff who have completed the Ideal Culture version of the Organisational Culture Inventory, which is one of the culture surveys UC is using. (Colleges of Arts and Engineering, you’ll get the chance to have your say towards the end of this year.)

WE are from:

  • Learning Resources, College of Arts Executive (2015)
  • Human Resources, College of Business and Law, College of Education, Health and Human Development (2016)
  • Student Services and Communications, Financial Services, DVC’s Portfolio, AVC Māori, Registrar, Financial Services and the College of Science (2017).

Here’s what we say we want

What is it we are actually asking for?
These results show our desire for a ‘constructive’ working culture. Our primary desire is for a Humanistic-Encouraging culture which manages in a participative and person-centred way. People are expected to be supportive, constructive, and open to influence in their dealings with one another.

Our secondary desire is Self-Actualising and this culture values creativity, quality over quantity, and both task accomplishment and individual growth. Members of these organisations are encouraged to gain enjoyment from their work, develop themselves, and take on new and interesting activities.

But as you can see, the other two ‘blue’ styles are not far behind. To see what Achievement and Affiliative cultures value, take a look at this interactive circumplex.  Click on “Organisational level”, the 4th item on the left hand side, and then click the segment you want to view.

The circumplex above shows the UC-wide results but what do the results from your College or Service Unit and, if you have them, your Department/School or team, reveal as your “ideal”?  Is there much of a difference?

Are WE different from other organisations in what we desire?
Just to show Universities are made up of people who seem to want similar organisational cultures to others, here’s some other results for you to ponder….

Non-UC results

UC selected results

What thoughts do these results provoke – are you surprised by the differences? The similarities?

Blue CLUES #2
The second Blue CLUES sessions were held this week. You can read more about Blue CLUES in an earlier blog. This time we looked at ‘Leading Groups from the Green into the Blue’. At Tuesday’s session we had a very engaged group of about 50 staff, and Thursday has acceptances from 75.

Thanks to Catherine Reid (Geological Sciences), Angus McIntosh (Biological Sciences) and Jayne Austin (Events) for opening the first session with some positive thoughts and stories from their experiences to date.

John Todd (ITS) will open the second session, followed by Denise Hall (SSAC), Annelies Kamp (Educational Studies and Leadership) and Tim Stedman (Library).

Finding Out More

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Noho ora mai

Karen Mather
Organisational Development Manager

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