Use Your Smartphone As A Mirror

We have talked about using your smartphone as a scanner to scan receipts and other records.

We have also talked about using your smartphone as a magnifying glass.

So what if you need a mirror?  Easy: pull out your smartphone, activate the camera and reverse the view to “selfie mode”. You are now looking at one of your favourite people! Or more specifically, at that something stuck in your eye, or that hair out of place, or that smudged lipstick, or those bread crumbs in your teeth….

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VC Report June 2018

In the latest Vice-Chancellor report:

  • Huge interest in UC Open Day
  • Completion of the Rehua construction project with a view to occupy before the end of 2018
  • Fletchers has stepped up efforts to complete outstanding work on the Ernest Rutherford building
  • Canterbury Engineering the Future (CETF) project wins Canterbury Architecture award
  • Special compulsory course to support the graduate profile developed by College of Science

… and more.

Read the VC Report June 2018 here>

You’re invited: UC Teaching Month 2-30 July 2018

In keeping with UC’s commitment to providing a world-class environment for the next generation of researchers and graduates, the Academic Services Group are proud to launch UC Teaching Month next Monday, 2 July.

Expanding on UC Teaching Week held in previous years, Teaching Month is a series of informative workshops that allow staff to pick up technical skills and teaching tips, research supervision advice or learn how to apply for funding.

Workshops will be held over the mid-year break and during teaching time to allow more staff to attend – attendance can even be logged on Elements to support your future promotion application.  

For Assistant Vice-Chancellor | Amokapua Akoranga Professor Catherine Moran, UC Teaching Month is about taking time to reflect.

“Teaching is so much a part of our fundamental practice that sometimes we can forget to step back and share and celebrate what we do. Teaching month is an opportunity to do just that.”

Teaching Month will be officially opened by Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae Dr Rod Carr , who will be taking this opportunity to recognise the winners of the 2018 UC Teaching Awards:

Come along to celebrate our winners, and hear them discuss their own philosophies.

Teaching Month is an opportunity for you to further your professional development, connect over coffee and biscuits and come away refreshed and ready for Semester Two.

“It is through you that our students ultimately are critically competent in the core academic discipline of their degree.” Professor Moran continues.

“The range of presentations and symposia being offered by our own staff to their colleagues, is a testament of the commitment of our staff to the students, and each other.”

For a full list of events, check out the Teaching Month calendar here>

Does your Coaching = Outcomes?

Register now for the Coaching Conversations Programme

Wednesday 25 July, 9.00am – 4.30pm with a follow up on Wednesday 29 August 9.00 – 11.00am

Coaching is a constructive way to inspire and motivate, boost
performance, assist staff to deal with issues and challenges, and
support people to meet their performance and team goals.

The Coaching Conversations Programme covers:

  • Enhancing your communication/interaction skills
  • Giving quality feedback and acknowledging people
  • Working with people to identify solutions to the issues they face
  • Coaching people who are performing well, how to keep them on track, how to motivate them and how to stretch them, and
    coaching where people need to lift their performance
  • Practical tools for a range of coaching conversations – long-term coaching, coaching ‘in the moment’, one-off opportunities.

Not quite what you are looking for?
Follow the link here to view what courses, workshops and programmes are available via the learning and development website, or email

UC Policy Library search pages now available on the website

The UC Policy Unit has worked on improving the search function of the policy library and to enable a better search result when looking for policies, the search pages have been migrated on to the website. 

An A-Z search function will be added to the search pages shortly, so policies can be browsed in alphabetical order.

If you are looking for other sources of policy information such as regulations, UC plans or related UC webpages, please use the main search function on the UC website instead.

Links to some of the other webpages holding  policy information are also available via the UC Policy Library homepage here>

The Policy Unit would like your thoughts on how easy it is to find what you are looking for in the UC Policy Library, or if things you would expect to see are not coming up after your search. To provide feedback, please contact with your thoughts.