UC – shake the tree and be into win one of 5x $20,000 prizes – Innovation Jumpstart

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Innovation Jumpstart may sound familiar…remember Tech Jumpstart?  Innovation Jumpstart aims to shake the tree by focusing on everything that innovation at UC can be from across all disciplines.

By signing up to Innovation Jumpstart, you will become a part of UC’s innovation community, have the opportunity for support and to participate in workshops and seminars. It’s one of the best ways you can network with like-minded people across UC, and a dynamic known to produce unexpected and exciting results and new innovation pathways.

Your idea may, or may not involve tech, and it may, or may not result in you taking off on an entrepreneurial path.  If you happen to win $20,000 that’s of course fantastic, but ultimately nobody loses and everybody innovates when they participate in Innovation Jumpstart.

Don’t wait until 10 August – join in now. Your need-to-know-info about Innovation Jumpstart and how to enter is here>  

Read on below about testing your innovative idea through this Innovation Jumpstart.

Innovation Jumpstart workshop on Intellectual Property – 27 July: read more here>

Innovation inspiration

Hamish McGowan, Rebecca Warr, David Humm, and Pam Glover (pictured and quoted in the image gallery above) from UC Research & Innovation (R&I)  share their innovation inspiration.

Beyond tech

“You’ve got a problem. You innovate to find the solution, and increasingly innovations are multi-disciplinary.” – Pam

“This is a great opportunity to shake the tree and see what’s out there. Where technology can be seen as quite narrow, innovation spans the entire university.  It can come out of education or business or science or science and business together, we love seeing cross-college collaboration” – Rebecca

“Innovation Jumpstart is about celebrating people and their ideas. When people hear ‘tech’ they think about widget and gadgets but innovation is much broader than that – there are far fewer limits to Innovation Jumpstart than people might think. “– Hamish

“This is not just about tech. It’s about making systems user-centric, developing a new engagement or consumption model, or producing a sustainable solution.” – David

Part of UC’s innovation community

“This is not a winner takes all approach. It’s a chance to advance an idea and give it a shot.  We want to end up with a cohort of like-minded academics.” – Pam

“Everyone gets something out of the competition – think broadly –  some of our most successful innovations haven’t been prize winners, it’s been the connections, direction and guidance available to entrants that has seen them succeed.” – Rebecca

“Even if you don’t submit the application, we want to help you move the idea forward. Research & Innovation provide access to funding, pitch training and more to help you move forward.” – Hamish

“Do you have the genesis of an idea or a nagging doubt? This is a chance to validate or test your idea with the help of R&I and other innovators at UC.” – David 

Do I have to be entrepreneurial? Is this Dragon’s Den?

“Not every researcher wants to be an entrepreneur, but they may want to see how their idea could be used.

There are many great ideas. This is about putting the ideas forward and seeing if they can be sustained.

Commercialisation does not always mean profit. It can relate to a social enterprise, open source options, providing a solution to an NGO. Volvo revolutionised safety in cars when it shared its patented design.”  – David

“This is a non-threatening, safe environment to get your idea in front of people who can help.” – Pam

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