Opportunity for doctoral student, Flanagan Lab – Biological Sciences

An opportunity is available for a doctoral student to work on sexual selection and evolution in pipefish in the School of Biological Sciences.

The student will be fully funded for three years, and will have the opportunity to conduct field, laboratory, and computational research.

My group studies how and why complex traits and behaviours evolve, with a focus on sexually selected traits. We use a number of different methods to address these broad questions: studies of relevant traits and selection on those traits; genomic studies of signatures of selection; and theoretical simulation studies. 

The immediate focus of the lab concerns uncovering the evolutionary processes that have shaped the sexually dimorphic traits in the wide-bodied pipefish, a native species to New Zealand.

This position offers the flexibility for the doctoral student to decide on the direction of their studies within the framework of my research programme.

See here for more information.

Dr Sarah Flanagan, PhD
Lecturer School of Biological Sciences