Technology Information for Staff

Have you looked at the Technology Information for Staff web site yet? Have a quick look at it now to get a feel for what’s there.

The Technology Information for Staff site is a portal to the everyday things you need to know while doing your job here at UC.

If you are looking for IT information, this is the  place to start. It covers everything from passwords to training, remote access to electronic filing, SPAM to traveling with your mobile devices, Skype for Business to ergonomics, and more.

The Technology Information for Staff site also serves as an IT Induction for new staff, so please direct new staff members to it (it is also on the New Staff Orientation Checklist). If you are a new staff member you can work through it, starting on your first day and continuing from there.

You should find this website useful at any time. It is self-service, but you may need to ask a colleague to assist you from time to time. Managers /Heads may wish to nominate such a person, and should ensure that any new staff members know who to talk to when the content directs them to check with ‘a colleague’.

If you can’t find something, or have a suggestion for the Technology Information for Staff website, please email Learning and Development.

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