Dovedale and Kirkwood villages on the move

Dovedale and Kirkwood temporary villages will be progressively removed by the new owner, MCL Construction from the end of August. MCL has contracted Laing Properties to on-sell and remove the buildings.

Wooden hoardings are currently going up around Dovedale Village and there is no access through the site. Temporary fencing will go up around Kirkwood Village at the end of the month.

Laing has until September 2019 to remove all the units from UC property. Removals will be staggered as and when units are on-sold and can be relocated. The first unit is expected to be removed from Dovedale Village in late August/early September.

Regular updates will be provided as units are scheduled to be removed from the villages. In the meantime please take extra care when near Dovedale and Kirkwood villages.  

2 thoughts on “Dovedale and Kirkwood villages on the move”

  1. So is Kirkwood going to be a CAR PARK or will it reinstated as a running track and soccer pitch (preferably an all-weather surface?

    I guess it depends upon whether the Uni wants the balance sheet to look good or invest in another facility!

    1. Hi Matt, the reinstatement of both Dovedale and Kirkwood are subject to business case. At this point no decisions have been made.

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