Lost the ribbon in Microsoft Office? Auto-hide.

This falls into the category of something you may want to do, or something you may be trying to fix!

The Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint have a feature called Ribbon Display Options that enables you to hide the Ribbon of Tabs and Commands that lie across the top of the program window. Doing this gives you more screen real estate on which to view your document, worksheet, email, calendar, or presentation.

It is also one of those things that you may have mistakenly activated, and ever since be wondering what happened!

The Ribbon Display Options button is positioned at the upper right corner of the program window, next to the Minimise, Maximise and Close buttons, and looks like this:

Clicking the button displays these options:

To HIDE the Ribbon of Tabs and Commands, or reduce the space they take up:
1. Click the Ribbon Display Options button
2. Click the option Auto-hide Ribbon, or Show Tabs

To SHOW the Ribbon of Tabs and Commands, or change them to a different state of display:
1. Click the Ribbon Display Options button (it’ll be less obvious this time)
2. Click the option Show Tabs and Commands, or Show Tabs

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