All Right? Campaign – Rainbow Research

The All Right? Campaign is undertaking a piece of research into the wellbeing of the Rainbow community in Christchurch.

The Campaign has carried out similar research with other communities over the past six years and now they are keen to understand how the LGBT + community is faring in post disaster Christchurch. In particular, they want to know what LGBT+ people identify as their strengths, what changes the community would still like to see, to hear about any emerging issues which impact on the wellbeing of the community and to consider how the All Right?  campaign could positively contribute. 

The research process is made up of three major components:

  • Interviewing a range of key informants to gather a broad brush picture of what is currently happening in Christchurch and to guide the focus group direction.
  • Running focus groups with a diverse range of community members to gather qualitative and quantitative evidence and feedback.
  • Engaging the community with an online survey to compile quantitative evidence to further inform and test our findings.

This is an invitation to Christchurch Rainbow community members to participate in the focus groups. They will run for approximately two hours and there will be snacks and (non-alcoholic) refreshments. They will also provide a small koha.

For more information and to register, please click here

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