Copy Excel Column Width From Another Cell

If you are working in Excel and would like to match the width of a column to exactly that of another column (e.g., for consistency and clear communication), here’s how to do it.

Spoiler alert:
it’s all about using the Paste Special dialogue box.

In this example, let’s say you wish to adjust column B to have the same width as column A….

1. Select a cell in column A, and copy it with Ctrl+C

2. Select a cell in column B, and choose Home tab >Paste drop-down arrow >Paste Special… (Alt H V S)
– the Paste Special dialogue box displays

3. In the Paste Special dialogue box, choose Column widths (the third option from the top on the right), and click the OK button.

Note: You can paste multiple column widths at once, which is very useful when you want to set up a new worksheet with the same layout as an existing worksheet.

Thanks to Able Owl Excel tips for this one.

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