Promoting your research in the media – Royal Society-led workshop 7-8 Feb 2019 – apply now

UC will be hosting the Science Media Centre’s first Science Media SAVVY workshop for 2019 over two days, 7-8 February, on UC’s Ilam campus.

Applications will close on 10 January 2019, so please get your application in before Christmas to avoid a rush after the holidays. It’s an excellent workshop, which Professors Tim Bell, Angus McIntosh, Jon Harding and other participants can attest to.

Entry to Science Media SAVVY workshops is by selection. There is usually high demand for the 12 available places in each SAVVY workshop.

What is it?
The Royal Society’s Science Media Centre leads a highly acclaimed series of media and communication skills workshops for researchers and scientists (including all those who use scientific methods in their research – not exclusively engineering and science disciplines) across New Zealand.

Participants gain practical techniques to improve communication, deal with nerves, adapt their message to their audience and respond effectively when an interview becomes challenging. The workshop offers strategies to successfully navigate a range of media encounters, with take-home lessons that also apply to improving stakeholder engagement, funding applications, public talks and outreach.

Evaluation survey results showed that most participants have ongoing, positive contacts with media following the workshop, feel more confident and effective as communicators and can identify impacts on their careers including new research collaborations.

Successful applicants for the workshop will be:

– Currently active researchers, in any field, employed in New Zealand
– Able to identify a research project or area of expertise of potential interest to media
– Experienced with media and/or likely to encounter media interest in future
– Highly motivated to strengthen their communication skills and confidence levels

Course fees for the two-day workshop are $595 +GST. (There may be additional needs-based funding support available – refer to the application form.)

Please contact Margaret Agnew if you have any questions about the Media SAVVY course (or you require media training or media advice).

VC Report November 2018

In the latest Vice-Chancellor report:

  • Applications to enrol for 2019 show significant
    increase across all five colleges
  • Applications to enrol by full-fee International students were up 26% compared to the budget of 17% growth
  • A blessing ceremony will be held for the rebuilt Rehua building next month.
  • We are budgeting on a small operating surplus from business as
    usual in 2019, the first time since 2010.

… and more.

Read the VC Report November 2018 here>

Final Student First Programme release for 2018

The final Student First Programme Release for 2018 took place on Tuesday 27 November.

Below you’ll find a brief outline of what was included in the release. 

  1. Course Selector for returning students: Returning students now have access to the new Course Selector, and can complete their enrolment in myUC, rather than the UC Student Web.
    Their enrolment process is now run entirely in the new system, contributing to a smoother and faster experience. Click here to see student feedback on the new enrolment process.
  2. Manage My Study: Gives students an overview of their current enrolment and future year applications, including qualification, subjects and courses.
    Students can also see their qualifications for historic years and manage each application individually, e.g. accepting an offer for one year and withdrawing their enrolment for another.
  3. Withdraw Application: Allows an applicant to withdraw their enrolment/ATE in myUC before their Offer of Place/Enrolment Offer is available.
  4. ourUC (Staff Portal): Contact Centre staff can use the enrolment portal to support students with their UC application, helping them to progress smoothly through the process.
  5. connectUC (Agent Portal): Agents can easily create and submit applications to UC on behalf of international students, so they have the best possible chance of getting an Offer of Place for their international applicants.
  6. Agent to Student Handover: International applicants who have applied through an agent can take over their application process quickly and easily, so that they can accept their Offer of Place and get ready to arrive at UC.
  7. International Offer of Place Proforma Invoice Enhancements: Clearer and simplified content on costs, which are itemised and totalled, contributing to a better International enrolment experience as students will be aware of what payment is required.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the team at