Eco Office – keen to take the challenge?

Become an Eco Office 

The UC Sustainability Office is re-launching its popular Eco Office program, and we want you and your department to get involved with us!

Even though sometimes working in an office might feel a little distant from the natural world, what we use and how we behave in the office has a real impact. You can view Eco Office a little like a health and safety checklist, but for the environment.

The programme is open to anyone and everyone at the University who works in an office environment. Both staff and postgraduate students are welcome to participate in our Eco Office Programme.

How does it work?

The Eco Office programme is a fun and educational four-step process, and includes making simple (yet effective) changes in some key work space areas: energy, transport, water, recycling and waste reduction, paper use and buying ‘green’. The best bit is, there is an optional Eco Office Certification your office can participate in because we believe recognising your sustainability achievements is important (and you get something special for your wall) Read the brief introduction to the programme here.

Here’s how you can become an Eco Office:

Step One: Read the Eco Office Guide (a booklet full of tips and ideas for greening your office, many of which are relevant to the Eco Office Certification process)

Step Two: Read our guide on ‘How to Grow an Eco Office’ (a short guide full of tips on how to encourage and work with your colleagues on ‘greening’ your space)

Step Three: Conduct a walk through Eco-Office Sustainability Assessment to prepare a baseline for the certificate journey (you’ll be surprised at the wonderful things you’re already doing!)

Step Four: Get Eco Office Certified! (once a baseline assessment is completed, there are four levels of certificates to achieve – called ‘fronds’. Your department will undertake the certificate journey with the help and support from the UC Sustainability Office). See an example of our Fern One Certificate here.

Finally, proudly display your Eco-Office Certificate for the world to see, and encourage other departments to join you in being Eco Office Certified! You’ll receive recognition on our webpage, over our blog and social media channels, and you’ll also be able to nominate your colleagues for our 2019 UC Sustainability Awards. We’ll probably be able to reward you with fair trade chocolate and coffee too..

While we know that many of you are doing wonderful things to ‘green’ your personal and work lives already, we want to re-launch the programme as a way to officially  support office-based behaviour change for sustainability. Who’s on board?

How do I start?

Interested in learning more, or want to know where to start? Have a look over the documents above, and reach out to us. The Sustainability Office team can come and chat to you and your department, and help answer any questions you may have about becoming an Eco Office.

Email for more information, or how to get started. We’d love to hear from you!