Computer or Device Misbehaving? Restart!

Yes, it’s boring advice, I know. But more and more these days I find that the solution to weird things happening on my computer or phone or tablet – things just not working right – is to restart.

Switch it off, count to 20*, and switch it back on.

(*Some devices hold their memory for a few seconds, so count to 20 while it’s switched off, and practice some mindfulness while you’re at it.)

Thanks to Shannon Miller for this Tech Tip suggestion!
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Win a copy of Rising from the Rubble

Rising from the Rubble: A health system’s extraordinary response to the Canterbury Earthquakes by Dr Michael Ardagh and Dr Joanne Deely was launched on Thursday 22 November at the University Bookshop, writes CUP publisher Catherine Montgomery.

Based on many hours of interviews with people in the Canterbury health system, Rising from the Rubble presents an important aspect of our recent history that isn’t widely or well known.

We were lucky to have two launch speakers whose stories feature in the book: Jan Bone, Emergency Medicine specialist at Christchurch Hospital and Alan Bavis, Maintenance and Engineering (M&E) manager for Canterbury DHB at the time of the quakes.

Their speeches provided fascinating insights into some of the challenges faced by those who fought to ensure continuity of care in the aftermath: the medical staff managing an influx of hundreds of patients, and those who fought to support them by keeping the hospital functioning despite the damage to buildings and infrastructure.

In their response, authors Dr Jo Deely and Dr Mike Ardagh acknowledged the massive contribution of all the staff working in a variety of roles in the health system, not just in the immediate aftermath but in the challenging years that followed.

Wrapping up the speeches Canterbury DHB CEO David Meates said that Rising from the Rubble deserved to reach a wide audience – a true story about real people who achieved extraordinary things.

Be in to win

You can purchase your own copy of Rising from the Rubble from UBS (University Bookshop), or go in the draw to win a copy by answering the following question.

Question: Who wrote the foreword for the book?  

Send your answer to by 12noon Wednesday 5 December. 

UC Travel Assistance Programme

Throughout this year the Risk Manager (VCO) and the Procurement Team (Financial Services) have been working with our travel insurer, Allianz, and other partners on an enhanced travel assistance programme that will provide greater support and assurances for our UC population while travelling. We have in excess of 50,000 travel days each year and at any one time 140 UC staff and students are travelling, working, researching and studying in over 75 international destinations.

While we have always had a comprehensive travel insurance programme in place, our travel insurer, Allianz, can now provide a more comprehensive travel, medical and security response (in conjunction with its partners, First Assistance and Healix). The security response is a new feature and includes:

  • the Healix Travel Oracle App,
  • security advice and assistance, and
  • traveller tracking and monitoring.

Details are here. Key points are:

  • We ‘go-live’ tomorrow. Travel coordinators have been invited to a briefing on the new features tomorrow so please raise any questions for your travel coordinator to bring to the session.
  • All UC travellers (staff and students) are encouraged to download the Healix Travel Oracle app to their mobiles.  Details on how to do this are on page two of the attached document and also on the UC Travel Insurance intranet site. The app provides up-to-date travel information and advice and real time alerts on breaking news globally, as well as a direct line to the 24/7 Allianz partners assistance team.
  • When you book international travel with Orbit, you will now receive a Pre-Travel Advisory (PTA) by email from Healix for your destination if the location is rated as moderate, high or extreme risk.  Please ensure that this messaging does not get caught in your spam filter; see attachment for an example of what the PTA looks like.
  • A travel tracking and monitoring service has been implemented which will allow us to better support travellers impacted by delays, disruptions or disasters.  For events that pose an imminent threat to life (level 4), Healix will contact Orbit-booked travellers to check status and offer support.  Regardless of the threat level, UC travellers can contact Allianz partners if a local incident affects them.

It is not only high and extreme risk destinations that have posed a threat to international travel in recent years, there is also increasing evidence that popular lower risk destinations are being targeted by individuals or groups. These initiatives will support you while travelling and enable UC and Allianz partners to respond to your needs.

Jeff Field

University Registrar | Pouroki

UC Christmas e-Cards are here

Spread some Christmas cheer – UC Christmas e-cards are now online.

Sending one of these beautifully designed cards is an easy way to thank your colleagues, and those you have worked with throughout the year, and wish them all the best for the festive season.

Simply follow this link, select from one of four card options – including the one above – write your message, add the recipients’ contact details and send.  It couldn’t be easier.

Meri Kirihimete Merry Christmas