Use Ctrl+F to Search Webpages and Documents

If you are searching for something on a webpage, in a PDF, a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, or many other digital formats, this is a really quick way to make your task easier:


Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the F key. This activates the Find function.

Different programs behave differently in exactly how this is displayed but, after you have pressed Ctrl+F, look around the top, sides or bottom of the program window and you will usually see a box in which you type in the word or phrase you are searching for. (You don’t have to click into the box, just press Ctrl+F and start typing your word or phrase, and then press Enter).

Next to the Search box is then usually displayed the number of times the result has been found. Often, each occurrence of the word or phrase is highlighted too. You can then tap the Enter key to move through each result one by one, or click the next or previous arrows which are often a feature of a Search box. In some programs such as Word and Acrobat the entire sentence is displayed and you can click the sentence to be taken to that page.

Thanks again to Shannon Miller for this Tech Tip suggestion.
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