digitisation of the SMS Access form

The IAM (Identity and Access Management) project is pleased to announce the digitisation of the SMS Access form (i.e. Staff and Visitor SMS Access form).

What is happening?
The forms are now available online and can be accessed via the UC SMS User Accounts intranet site.

The forms encompass confirmation and workflow approval emails though the entire process. For further details on the process refer to the User Guide – New SMS Access form (PDF).

What is the advantage of the online form?
Here are some of the advantages for having online forms:

  • completing the form(s) by the requester is much quicker due to pre-populated information like user code and name
  • increased process visibility due to email notifications (i.e. reminders to approver etc.)
  • process efficiency and sustainability efforts  – requester no longer have to complete, print and scan the form to APSS- Student Shared Mailbox

Why is it happening?
The IAM project aims to modernise and future proof the IAM (Identity and Access Management) solution within UC. It is about ensuring the right people have the right access to the right resources at the right time. And that the ‘wrong’ people don’t have access.

For further details about the project refer to the IAM Project Intranet site.

The project identified a greater need and desire for online forms to grant access to enterprise systems across schools and departments.

As a result, the project has developed the SMS Access forms.

Thank you for supporting this initiative.

The IAM Project Team