The Crucial Shortcut to PowerPoint’s Slide Show View

Yesterday I had to make a last-minute emergency edit to a PowerPoint presentation after the audience had already come into the room. I managed to get it done but the wireless mouse wasn’t working properly, so getting back into Slide Show view in a hurry was proving to be a nightmare!

F5 key to the rescue!

Pressing F5 or Shift+F5 will take you straight into presentation view.

F5 starts the slide show from the beginning (ie, from the first slide)
Shift F5 starts the slide show from the current slide.

Write them down and stick them to your laptop because you WILL be grateful!

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One thought on “The Crucial Shortcut to PowerPoint’s Slide Show View”

  1. Thanks, Martin. Such tips are very useful. A mnemonic device that I created to help me to remember the first bit is “F5, first slide”. (It has a little rhyme in it). Then I just need to remember that “Shift F5” shifts me back to where I had just been. These will help in the absence of sticky notes.

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