Continued support for Staff and students

We continue to offer support to all students and staff. We would like to remind our students and staff that there is help available and you are not alone.

The drop in support centre will be extended to Saturday 23 March, running between 10.30am and 2.30pm in the Puaka James Hight Library.

The extension is in place to ensure we have support on campus if students feel the need to talk to someone on the Saturday.

Messaging and signage will be updated to reflect the opening hours. Outside of those hours, please call 1737. 

Any staff needing support should talk to their manager. Additional Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) professionals have been relocated to their Christchurch office to provide dedicated onsite support throughout the coming weeks. If you require EAP support, please call them on 0800 327 669 at any time.

All staff and students are welcome to visit the Band Together Lounge, which is being held in the Living Room. Read more>

If you are you concerned about your safety or have any information you wish to report, need any support or have any questions contact or 0800 823 637.