The E tū, kia ora staff survey was conducted earlier this year as part of the academic planning process for UC.

We had a great response to the survey, with around 700 respondents, and a representative split between academic and general staff. Thanks to all who took the time to participate.

The survey asked staff to think about UC’s place in the world, and what is important to its academic success. In the survey, staff were asked to rate their satisfaction and perceived importance in relation to the following six attributes: international ranking, teaching quality, learning experience, research quality, research focus, and tools and support.

What the results show:

While all six attributes were regarded as important, that importance varied – with some clear differences between academic and general staff in the fields of international rankings, research focus and research quality.

      • More than two thirds of staff agreed that they were satisfied with UC’s overall teaching quality and with the learning experience we give students
      • More than 50% agreed they are satisfied with UC’s overall research quality, but only 40% agreed that they were satisfied with the focus of the University’s research
      • Academic staff placed more importance on research quality, while research focus was perceived as more important for general staff
      • Academic staff also placed more importance, and had a higher satisfaction level in terms of international rankings.

For some attributes, a high percentage of staff considered them important, but were dissatisfied with UC’s performance in that area.

      • More than 90 percent of respondents agreed that tools and support were important to carry out their role, but just under half (45%) agreed they were satisfied with the tools and support provided
      • 78% agreed UC’s place in international rankings was important, but just 44% were satisfied with UC’s current placing.

Comments received revealed there were seven categories of interest for staff: operations, values and culture, quality education, quality research, reputation and relationships, growth and size, and becoming an anchor university.

There were very few differences between the written comments made by academic and general staff, and the most frequently mentioned themes in those areas related to: improving IT, supporting quality education, decreasing bureaucracy, changing funding priorities, improving UC’s values and culture, and providing more support for administrative tasks.

The final E tū, kia ora workshop is due to take place on 7 June. There are still spots available, see here for registration details>

Once the sessions are complete the feedback will be collated and work on the draft strategy will begin.

Making help more obvious on UC’s website

A recent news article analysed reporting systems for sexual harassment and assault in New Zealand universities. The article pointed out it took six clicks to find information on UC’s website. UC aims for continuous improvement and worked quickly to make the relevant information easier to find.

No level of assault is acceptable. At UC we are very active in establishing an environment and behavioural expectations that provide a safe and healthy campus for all students.

In addition to having both formal and anonymous reporting systems, UC has several support teams to provide help to students if they have faced harassment on campus. We will continue to promote reporting options and the range of student support available at UC via a variety of channels.

UC takes very seriously the safety, security and education of our students with the aim of creating a campus community where students feel safe and where they belong.

Information on sexual harassment and assault, support and reporting is available here

Upcoming Professional Development opportunities

Do you want to undertake some Professional Development in 2019? Start booking you places & make the most of the courses available for the rest of 2019.

Spaces available on June courses:

The Learning and Development Team have a large variety of workshops, seminars and courses available to all UC Staff.
Visit our intranet if you would like to find out more, or email learningdevelopment@canterbury.ac.nz.

Quickly Access UC PowerPoint Templates

If you are using PowerPoint within the University, this is good news for you: the UC PowerPoint templates are now available directly from within PowerPoint*. They have been resized to make maximum use of the screen too.

UC PowerPoint templates


To access the templates within PowerPoint:

  1. Click the File (menu) tab
  2. Click New
    – many templates display
  3. Look for the words “FEATURED” and “SHARED” just above the first of the displayed templates.
  4. Click “Shared
    – the three UC templates display
  5. Click the template you wish to use
    – a preview of that template displays
  6. Click the Create button
    – a new presentation based on that template is created
  7. Save the presentation with a new name and start work!

Note: Once you have used each template, they will display with all the other templates available when you click the New button in the File menu. This just saves you having to go into the Shared folder each time.

* Currently only for staff using PC’s. The ITS team are working on bringing this feature to Macs too.

Special thanks to UC Staff Chris Brown and Dean Patterson for setting up this incredibly useful and time saving quick access for us.

For great time-saving tips, look up:
Being more efficient with your technology
Technology Information for Staff website

Was this tip helpful to you? Anything else you want to know? Got some suggestions? Please leave a comment below orlet me know.

You’ll find more learning at Learning and Development.

Pasifika Strategy 2019 – 2023 launched

UC is committed to supporting and graduating the next generation of leaders of Pasifika descent and to creating a culturally inclusive campus. To guide this work, the Pasifika Development team launched the new Pasifika Strategy 2019 – 2023 earlier this month.

The University’s second Pasifika strategy, it outlines the principles and implementation plan that will nurture the success of Pasifika students at UC.

Pasifika students at graduation

According to the New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) Educating Pasifika for Success -2012 Report ‘students develop the ability, confidence and motivation to succeed academically when they participate competently as a result of having developed a secure sense of identity and knowledge that their voice will be heard and respected within their learning environment”.

The strategy is informed by the voices of our Pasifika students here at UC, Ara Institute of Canterbury and Lincoln University, following a series of AKO funded research projects led by University of Canterbury Pacific Development Team from 2012 – 2018 (Luafutu-Simpson et al 2015, Noa et al 2018). An internal Pacific Strategy Group and members of the external Pacific Peoples Advisory Group also helped to shape the strategy.

You can find the Pasifika Strategy 2019 – 2023 and Implementation Plan here.