Pedestrian friendly UC

Concrete bollards placed around the centre of campus for the Anzac Day service will remain in place going forward. The bollards have reduced the number of vehicle movements around the centre of campus making it a safer and more pedestrian-friendly area.

Making UC a more pedestrian-friendly environment is part of the Campus Transformation and Landscape Master Plan. In time different methods of reducing vehicle movements will be implemented using planting and planter boxes for example.

In the meantime, continue to take care around the bollards, especially now campus is busy again after mid-semester break. If you skateboard, cycle or scooter around campus please reduce your speed and be considerate of others and pedestrians.

See more about UC’s Landscape Master Plan here>

3 thoughts on “Pedestrian friendly UC”

  1. Really appreciate the slowing of traffic flow, however, from observation this week, the pathway between the bollards at the corner of Matariki and also at the corner of Puaka James Hight is too narrow at lecture crossover times. Ironically this is actually less pedestrian friendly than it was before.

  2. When you say “will remain in place going forward” do you mean they will stay where they are, or will they be moving forward?

    I think they cause more of a hazard than they are intended to prevent.

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