Identity and Access Management Programme Updates

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) programme has selected a technical solution/vendor and is entering the next phase of the IAM project.

What is the IAM project about again?

The overall aim of the programme is to modernise and future proof the IAM (Identity and Access Management) solution within UC.

UC has a set of aging, and in parts unsupported, group of systems providing Identity and Access Management (IAM) that needs replacing.

The new IAM solution will provide students, staff and visitors the right access to resources at the right time and will improve the user experience overall. It aims to make Identity and Access Management almost invisible (i.e. it is just there and most people don’t have to think about it).

Watch this short IAM video (MP4, 19 KB, 2.40 minutes) (intranet, staff access only) to see:

  • what the IAM project is about (high level)
  • what is changing (high level),
  • why we are changing now/ upgrading now.

What is currently happening?

For the IAM solution to be successfully embedded across UC, it is important to have input from as many departments as possible.

The IAM Business Champion Group has been set up and met the first time beginning of April.

The group has been established to provide input across the University and will meet regularly during this year.

For further details on the purpose of the group, who is participating, what is happening and a video recording of the first session, refer to the IAM Business Champion Group (intranet, staff access only).

If you would like to contribute to the IAM Business Champion Group, feel free to get in touch with us here>

For further information on the project refer to the IAM Project Intranet site (intranet, staff access only) or contact the project team>

Paul O’Flaherty                                      
SMT Lead for the IAM Programme
Executive Director – Human Resources | Kaihautū Matua Pūmanawa Tangata


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