Easily Set Column Width Using Autofit

Have you ever opened an Excel Worksheet only to see ##### in the columns? Yes? (And then perhaps thought it was broken? Umm – yep.)

The ##### symbols simply mean that the width of that column is not wide enough to fully display the values in that cell, so Excel displays ##### symbols instead.

You’ll see it with numbers and dates. It’s no good displaying 3,000 when in fact the number is 3,000,000! So Excel displays the #### symbols instead. So no, it’s not broken.

Secondly, widening the width of the column immediately displays all those values and makes the #### symbols go away. Which is of course what you will want to do straight away.

But don’t start changing the column width manually, repeatedly guessing at how wide to go. Instead there’s a very easy and quick way to display all those values.

Excel’s AUTOFIT feature is the solution.

Autofit allows you to automatically adjust the width of a column to match the contents of the widest cell in that column.

To use Autofit, double-click the right edge (see below) of the column header of the column you wish to autofit (the column header is the identifying letter at the top of each column, eg, A, B, etc). The column width then changes to match the widest cell content in that column.





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  1. Thanks for this tip, Martin. I encountered this problem recently. This saves me having to look it up the reason and the solution 🙂

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