Did you know we have a Free Table at UC?

It’s a space where you can take home what you need, and drop off what you no longer have use for!

We’re all about reducing what is sent to landfill. Give your unwanted items a second chance at life, plus you never know what treasures you might find on there…

Our Free Table loves:

  • Stationary, office supplies, books and textbooks
  • Clean clothing, bedding and shoes
  • Kitchenware, crockery and homewares
  • Food items (non-perishable is best)
  • Anything else (as long as it’s clean and in working condition)

We ask that you please respect this area by keeping it tidy, using the storage areas provided and by only bringing in items you believe others may want (this area is not a rubbish bin!).

Find our Free Table in the Undercroft, underneath the Puaka-James Hight stairs.

Spread the word – the Free Table is for everyone!

Huge thanks to the Eco Volunteer and Eco Club Network teams for their help in giving the Free Table area an upgrade!

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One thought on “Did you know we have a Free Table at UC?”

  1. I had so much fun doing a bit of a clear out at home a couple of weeks ago and putting stuff on the free table. It was great to see it disappear so quick and know it was going to a good home

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