Autofit Column Width to An Individual Cell

This is one for the Excel users out there. It sounds a bit esoteric but if you wrestle with column widths, this is for you!

Last week we looked at using Excel’s AutoFit feature to automatically adjust the width of a column to match the contents of the widest cell in that column.

But let’s say that you want to adjust the width of a column to match the contents of an individual cell but you don’t want to AutoFit the entire column width (for example, because some of your rows contain lots of text – and so AutoFitting the column width would make the columns too wide).

So, to adjust the width of a column to match the content of an individual cell:

1. Select the cell whose width you want to AutoFit
2a. Click the Home tab
2b. Click the Format button drop-down (towards the far right of the Home Ribbon)
2c. Click AutoFit Column Width

That cell’s column width adjusts to match the width of the content of the cell you selected.

BONUS – to simultaneously adjust the widths of multiple columns to match the contents of multiple cells:

1. Select the first cell whose width you want to AutoFit
2. Hold the Ctrl key down and select the other cells whose width you also want to AutoFit
3. Choose Home | Format | AutoFit Column Width

The columns’ widths are adjusted so that the content of the cells you selected each fits in their respective columns. You can also choose Home | Format | Column Width and type in a fixed width for all the columns of the selected cells.

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Thanks to Able Owl Excel tips for this one.

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