Quickly Access UC PowerPoint Templates

If you are using PowerPoint within the University, this is good news for you: the UC PowerPoint templates are now available directly from within PowerPoint*. They have been resized to make maximum use of the screen too.

UC PowerPoint templates


To access the templates within PowerPoint:

  1. Click the File (menu) tab
  2. Click New
    – many templates display
  3. Look for the words “FEATURED” and “SHARED” just above the first of the displayed templates.
  4. Click “Shared
    – the three UC templates display
  5. Click the template you wish to use
    – a preview of that template displays
  6. Click the Create button
    – a new presentation based on that template is created
  7. Save the presentation with a new name and start work!

Note: Once you have used each template, they will display with all the other templates available when you click the New button in the File menu. This just saves you having to go into the Shared folder each time.

* Currently only for staff using PC’s. The ITS team are working on bringing this feature to Macs too.

Special thanks to UC Staff Chris Brown and Dean Patterson for setting up this incredibly useful and time saving quick access for us.

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