Bystander Intervention training

As part of UC’s response to the challenge of creating an inclusive campus that is free of racial and sexual harassment, the Student Success team is trialling Bystander Intervention training.

This is an opportunity to live our vision of tangata tū, tangata ora: People prepared to make a difference.

The programme aims to educate and empower our campus community to speak out and stand up for each other in order to create the safe, inclusive and supportive environment by providing people with the necessary skills to intervene safely and with confidence to assist and refer to help.

The plan is to reach up to 240 key influencers (mainly student leaders with key staff) with:
• Five training sessions with two 2 hour workshops facilitated by a trained MATE trainer
• Developing core resources to be used in promotion and messaging of bystander intervention.
• Follow up with a staff workshop in August/September following feedback from student sessions.
• Evaluation of stage 1, review the results and then adapt and deliver further programmes across the year, moving into a BAU programme of training in 2020.

Bystander Intervention information is available on our website and Dr Philippa Martin has compiled the resources below:

Australian videos on bystander scenarios

Human Rights video and tips

Bystander discrimination – Data and research from Australia

Five ways to be a great bystander: direct, distract, delegate, document and delay

Poster on how to give nothing to racism