We need you!

We need 100 of you to be exact, to volunteer at this year’s UC Open Day | Rā Tōmene on Thursday 11 July.

Open Day | Rā Tōmene is our key recruitment event for future students, parents and whānau, and its success depends on staff throughout UC. Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet future students and enjoy the atmospheric buzz this event creates on campus.

The day runs from 9am to 5pm and is based in the centre of the Ilam campus. Volunteers are usually scheduled for a morning or afternoon session.

Register your interest by completing this online form, but please check in with your manager first.

Only have an hour or two to spare? We’ll take it!
Email michayla.clemens@canterbury.ac.nz confirming when you’re available and the team will book you in .

We’re grateful for any time you can provide in support of this year’s Open Day | Rā Tōmene.

We need volunteers in the following roles:

Supplier of smiles – you have a great smile and enjoy making people happy.
We want you along our Open Day trails to warmly welcome our visitors to UC. Hand out tote bags, scan tickets, greet those coming from out of town on the free bus, and wave them goodbye at the end of the day. You take care of those all-important frontline tasks, wearing a big smile on your face.

  • 16 volunteers needed for the morning
  • 9 volunteers needed for the afternoon

Information guru – providing help and support is your gig.
We have stations on campus just for you this Open Day | Rā Tōmene. You’ll assist visitors with any questions they have, from where to get a good coffee to what time the next info session starts.

  • 1 volunteer needed for the morning
  • 3 volunteers needed for the afternoon

Foot traffic controller – you’re there to help people find their way.
You love the buzz of people gathering, ready to learn. Every hour a new information session begins and you’ll be at the front of the line, managing the flow of people in and out of lecture theatres and helping people find the right session.

  • 27 volunteers needed for the morning
  • 30 volunteers needed for the afternoon

Data gatherer – you’ll happily ask people what they think.
iPad in hand, we need you to approach attendees with a smile to get their feedback on Open Day | Rā Tōmene. Using the pre-populated survey online, you will ensure we get the data we require to keep running successful events.

  • 1 volunteer needed

Campus explorer – you know the campus well and can’t wait to show it off.
We need you to take small groups of visitors on a loop of the campus, pointing out all the key buildings and facilities, especially the sparkly new ones, to help them get a feel for UC. You’ll answer questions as you go and point out where things are happening throughout the day.

  • 6 volunteers needed for the morning
  • 5 volunteers needed for the afternoon

Thanks for your support to make this event a success.

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