Policy at UC

Want to know more about UC’s approach to policy drafting and policy review?

The Metapolicy sets out UC’s policy review and policy development processes and also provides guidance on:

  • the standard of drafting for UCPL documents,
  • tone and style, key questions the document must answer, and
  • drafting conventions used by the Policy Unit when reviewing UCPL documents.

See the UCPL webpages for:

  • What policies are in their review period;
  • What policies have undergone a scheduled review;
  • What policies have been removed from the UC Policy Library web pages, merged with others policies, renamed or relocated elsewhere;
  • What new policies have been added to the UC Policy Library;
  • Policy processes;
  • Policy templates.

Give feedback on UC Policy Library documents by contacting the Contact Officer named on the policy. Contact officer details are available  here.