Computer Monitor Not Working?

The lights are on but nobody’s home!

This morning I got to work, woke up/unlocked my computer, and only one monitor displayed anything. The other monitor stayed resolutely black, even though its power light was on.

Do you have trouble with a computer screen (monitor) switching itself off from time to time? It might  refuse to wake up from sleep mode, or just apparently switch itself off. One moment you’re working with two monitors, then one goes black – and you can no longer see what’s on that monitor!

Here’s a solution:
Reach behind the monitor and switch it off (using the monitor’s on/off switch). Wait a minute or two, then switch it back on. This usually resolves the problem.

If it still stays switched off:
Check that all the cable plugs going into the back of the monitor are firmly plugged in, and check that the other end of each cable is firmly plugged in as well.

If that still doesn’t work, contact ITS for help. (Click the link, then look to the far right side, in the Need Help? section.)

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