Reminder: free online Wills for UC staff and family

Writing your Will is perhaps one of the easiest things to put off, yet it’s also one of the easiest documents to put in place. Since Wills typically protect those closest to us – telling everyone what should happen to our money, possessions and property after we die – they deserve to be prioritised and not left at the bottom of the to-do list.

According to Sorted, less than half of adults in NZ have a Will, which means some of us could be leaving our families with a huge mess when we pass away. Writing a Will shows responsibility, it means you are taking control of your life and thinking long-term about your family and loved ones.

The UC Foundation (the charitable arm of the University) recognises the importance of Wills and has recently partnered with Justly to provide a fee-free Will writing service for all UC staff. Yep, you read that correctly, this service will be free of charge – no strings, no hidden conditions, and best of all, your Will can be written from the comfort of your own home whenever it suits you.

To get started writing your free Will just click here under the ‘Online Will-writing section’.

Feel free to also read about how the UC Foundation supports the educational mission of the university through donations, bequests, sponsorships and partnerships.