Achievement – Whiria te Taura Tangata #18

Kia ora koutou


I am feeling a little behind the eight-ball this month. Having returned two weeks ago from three weeks leave overseas, I feel a bit like I am still chasing my tail trying to get through the backlog plus the normal workload, as well as those new pieces of work that come our way unexpectedly. I am feeling very uncomfortable about this as I usually feel highly organised and achievement focussed!

This led me to think about Achievement – which is of course one of the constructive styles in the culture model we are using. So I thought I’d ‘work smart’ and share a very good Daniel Goleman article “Balance Your Need to Achieve”.

“Research shows that Achievement Orientation for personal goals matters crucially in early career jobs, while it morphs into a concern for the team or organization goals at higher levels.”

It is about balancing your Achievement focus with emotional intelligence, so as to help others achieve.  This, I would suggest, aligns nicely with the other three constructive styles.

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Ngā manaakitanga (with best wishes),

Karen Mather
Organisational Development