Are you sending emails to yourself?

We all do it. An idea for later. Something we must remember to do. Some ideas relating to a project.

For example, say you have an Outlook email folder containing email relating to a particular thing you are working on, and you’d like to save some thoughts of your own in the same folder…. So you send yourself an email containing those thoughts, which you then save in that work folder. Sound familiar?

There is a better way!
It is called
Post In This Folder, and it is a button in Outlook Mail.

To use Post In This Folder in Outlook Mail:

  1. Open the folder in Outlook that you’d like to post the note in
  2. Click the New Items button (at the left end of the Home Ribbon)
  3. Click More Items
  4. Click Post In This Folder
    – a blank note “page”  appears
  5. Add a subject line
  6. Write any notes you’d like to record
  7. Click the Post button

NOTE: if you use this button a lot, pin it to the Quick Access Toolbar so that you can access it quickly.

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