Do you know what to do in an emergency?

As an emergency event has the potential to seriously affect the University, we aim to be as prepared as possible for all eventualities.

The University’s Emergency Management team is responsible for the creation and distribution of an Emergency Procedures flip chart, which you’ll find across all UC departments, service units and colleges, outlining what to do in various types of emergencies.

This is not a definitive list, but the chart is updated as and when required.

Emergency procedures flip chart

Following the events of March 15 for example, a new page was created to clarify the University’s ‘Lockdown’ procedure.

The three main priorities of a lockdown at UC are:

  1. Get notified
    • UC’s UCGo mobile app will send emergency push notifications letting you know what’s happened, and what to do next. Download it now>
    • Help Point towers across campus will be activated and instruct you where to go
  2. Get to a safe location
    • Remain inside and move to your building’s designated safe spot.

Security will be in touch with building occupants over the coming weeks to confirm the location of designated safe spots.

  • If you’re outside at the time, proceed to the nearest building and head to its designated safe spot
  1. Wait for more information
    • UC’s Emergency Personnel and Communications team will keep you up to date.

In the event of any lockdown situation, students will be instructed to follow staff.

For more information on the updated flip chart, which is being distributed across campus now,  click here or contact the Emergency Management team.