And the winners are…

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the Vice-Chancellor’s General Staff Development Awards and Health, Safety and Wellbeing Awards for 2019.

Vice-Chancellor General Staff Development Awards

  • Tracy Anderson, Marketing
  • Te Paea Paringatai, Library
  • Julian Phillips, College of Engineering
  • Elyse Thompson, Academic Services Group

Award of Acknowledgement

  • Catherine Woods, College of Business & Law

UC Prosci Scholarship Recipients

  • Sarah Cooke, Governance, ICT
  • Matthew Turnbull, College of Science
  • Robyn Nuthall, UC Futures, Finance
  • Kat Henderson, UC Sport & Recreation

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Awards

  • Bruce Vincent, Engineering Services, Facilities Services
  • Laurie Anderson, College of Science
  • Justin Harrison, College of Science
  • Steve Gibling, UC Sport & Recreation
  • Lauralee Mather, Admissions, Student Services & Communications
  • The Facilities Services Team
  • The UC Grounds Team
  • The Student Experience Team
  • Sarah Brown, College of Arts
  • School of Fine Arts, College of Arts

For more on our winners and the fantastic work they have been recognised for, click here>

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