What does a sustainability superhero look like?

Maybe they are doing research on micro-plastics in our waterways? Maybe they are holding climate challenge conferences, or built a fully recyclable electric car? Maybe they are doing academic research on waterways, biodiversity, or on sustainability in education? Maybe they always arrive to work irritatingly cheerful and refreshed after cycling to work each morning?  They might even be sitting right next to you…. (sipping coffee from a reusable cup of course)

Nominate your sustainability superhero for a Sustainability Award today! Nominations are open from now until Monday 9 September.

The UC Sustainability Awards are about the recognition and celebration of all things sustainability – both on and off campus. This is a great chance to acknowledge the hard work, innovation and imagination of many of our students and staff who are working hard to make our world a better (and greener) place.

Tell us all about them (or yourself!) by finding the nomination form and all the info you need here. Nominations are open until Monday 9 September with the awards being presented by UC Vice Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae Professor Cheryl de la Rey.

We can’t wait to hear all the wonderful things our community has been doing for sustainability!

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