Start A Fresh Page In Word

You are working on a Word document…
you are part-way down the page…
and for one reason or another you wish to end that page there and start a fresh page.

What do you do? No, do not hit the Return key over and over until the cursor moves onto a new page!! This leaves a whole lot of blank lines that will haunt you later when you make formatting changes and add other things to the document.

Instead, press Ctrl + Enter

1. Click the Insert tab
2. Click Page Break

This gives you a new blank page, and your cursor moves to that page. This is the correct way to get a new page,  for the reasons  I mentioned above.

Note: If you need to remove a Page Break – and you will sooner or later – switch on Paragraph marks so that you can see the Page Breaks in your document and delete any you need to.
The Show Paragrah marks icon


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