Update on E tū, kia ora process – UC Strategy

Following the E tū, kia ora staff consultation process, students were enaged via an online survey, that invited their views on the future direction of the university. More than 1700 students responded to the online survey, which asked them to allocate a notional $10,000 to ten activities that the university could invest in. Three activities featured as the most important to students when allocating spend: supporting student success and wellbeing, sustainability, and improving UC’s teaching and research. As a result of this survey, and other feedback through the process, the draft strategic plan now strongly features both student and staff wellbeing and sustainability initiatives. 

Recently the strategic planning team has been busy refining the draft strategic plan in preparation for final submission to the Academic Board and the Council. The high level of engagement and feedback has meant additional time has been required to more fully develop our wider objectives. Also, during the E tū, kia ora consultation process, participants made it clear that the University has a significant opportunity to improve the way we work together. With this feedback we have broadened our focus to include kotahitanga, sustainability and impact.