2019 Graham Nuthall lecture – Professor Angus Macfarlane

The 2019 Graham Nuthall Lecture attracted a full house of 350 educators, academics and community members to listen to Angus Hikairo Macfarlane (Ngāti Whakāue), Professor of Māori Research at UC, Director of the UC Māori Research Laboratory (Te Rū Rangahau) and Co-Director of the UC Child Wellbeing Institute.

Letitia Fickel, Angus MacFarlane, Sue McCormack, Cheryl de la Rey and Misty Sato. 

Professor Macfarlane’s topic, drawn from many years of exploring Indigenous and sociocultural imperatives that influence education and psychology, was Restlessness, Resoluteness, and Reason: the evolving passage of culturally responsive pedagogies.
The ‘braided rivers’ (He Awa Whiria) approach informed Professor Macfarlane’s lecture. “This approach draws from Indigenous streams of knowledge, combining these with appropriate Western scientific viewpoints – to inform the professional practice of teachers”. As the first Māori presenter of this acclaimed event, Professor Macfarlane acknowledged the pillars of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi – asking how do we educate as partners, how do we reach out to Māori learners and their whānau to become authentic participants within the system, and in what ways do educators protect the mana of māturanga Māori, Indigenous knowledge? Professor Macfarlane regularly referred to the pioneering research of Graham Nuthall to complement his own work.

The Macfarlane family

Jill-Nuthall, Letitia-Fickel, Angus-MacFarlane and Te-hurinui-Clarke. 

Professor Nuthall was one of UC’s most esteemed academics and this annual lecture hosted by the College of Education, Health and Human Development | Te Rāngai me te Hauora and UC, contributes to inform the national education dialogue.
Watch the full 2019 lecture here.