IT Services are Moving

IT Services are moving from their temporary location in the ICT Building on the Ilam Campus, over to a new permanent home in Wheki on the Dovedale Campus.

IT Services will be moving from November 11 through to November 29.

The Service Desk will remain in operation during this period.


What is changing for Department/School Administrators? – IAM Project Update

What is changing for Department/School Administrators, Notification Recipients, and Access Arrangers?

IAM Project
IAM Project

The Identity & Access Management Programme (IAM Programme) is replacing the aging and unsupported back end solution of the current IDMS system with the aim to modernise and future proof the IAM solution within UC.

Visit the IAM Project Intranet site (staff access only) to see what is changing for each group.

By the end of this year a new IAM platform will be implemented, replacing the current solution.

The following changes will be made due to the implementation of the new platform, that will impact Department/School Administrators, Notification Recipients (previously known as IdMS Recipients), and Access Arrangers?

  • Notification recipients will no longer receive initial passwords for new staff and visitors. The password will be directly sent to new staff/visitors nominated email address. If no email address is available the information if flagged with the IT Service Desk. Note: The email confirmation to notification recipients with user code and list of default resources will remain.
  • A new password tool will be implemented (one password tool for everyone where to change your password). Note: Jade SMS and Oracle Financials are not affected at this stage.
  • A new Visitor Database (behind the scenes) will be implemented.
  • New visitor records will no longer be entered into UCPeople/PeopleSoft.
  • The Service Request for Visitors (SharePoint form) (UC staff access only) will be integrated to the new visitor database.
  • Visitor Process ownership will change from HR to ITS.
  • Visitors will no longer automatically receive Skype for Business and a Skype for Business phone number. If one is required, it can be requested via Assyst/IT Service Desk.
Provisioning & De-provisioning
  • Automatic provisioning of automatically assigned resources (for new staff, students and visitors).
  • IT account will be disabled midnight of last day of employment/visit.
  • UC Data will be removed – + 30 days after contract/visit end date, + 90 days for students.
  • Identity will be kept for life.
  • New Assyst tile for requesting additional access to resources (e.g. all Staff Mailing Distribution List, additional Network /Drive access etc.).
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capability will be enabled.
  • Single sign on capability for multiple IT applications will be enabled.

If you have any questions regarding the IAM Programme, please do not hesitate to email us at

Ngā mihi nui

The IAM Project Team

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Noel Leeming’s UC Friends and Family deal: on now!

Noel Leeming specialA little reminder that the Noel Leeming Riccarton Friends and Family deal start from 30 October!

All UC staff and students (as well as their friends and family) can take advantage of the bargains, so spread the word! The promotion runs from 30 October to 12 November 2019, making it perfect for holiday shopping, or anyone who just loves a bargain!

As an added bonus, +2.5% of total sales will go towards the UCSA.

View the PDF leaflet for more information, including T&Cs: Noel Leeming Riccarton’s Friends and Family Sale (244KB)

Summer Memberships on Sale at the UC RecCentre – starts Cup Week!

Ah… the sweet hibernation of winter is long gone, along with excuses that it’s too cold, too wet, or too dark to exercise. Then came Spring, and we dusted off our walking shoes and took a few jaunty laps of Hagley Park to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Summer is just around the corner,  and with most of the students away, it’s a quiet time to get to the RecCentre to add to your wellbeing, all just a stone’s throw from your desk.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about taking some yoga to relieve stress and pain, or zumba classes to dance away your ills? Maybe you’ve finally got yourself ready to ‘hit the gym’ to reap the benefits of adding muscles to your frame?  Whatever your ‘why’, summer is a great time to look for your ideal exercise at the UC RecCentre.

The Rec&Sport team – who run the RecCentre facility – aim to offer a variety of exercise options because we know that one size does not fit all!   Make no mistake, the best way to stick to an exercise plan that adds to your health is to find something that brings you joy!   Reflect on each activity you try and ask yourself if you beared it, or whether you really enjoyed yourself?  Keep trying and learning new things until you find what fits.

To help you explore the buffet of activities we have at the RecCentre, we’ve got a great Summer special for new members.  On top of a roughly 30% saving on the 3mth price, we’re adding on a free BCS (gives you a great baseline health assessment) valued at $20, and a free SteerMe ( a personalised programme to help you reach your goals and be really efficient with your time at the gym) valued at $35.      Head over to our website to read the full offer, terms and conditions. 

Need an exercise buddy?  Great idea!  Anyone can join the RecCentre, they just pay a little more than UC Staff do! This offer commences on Monday 11 November 2019, and finishes on Sunday 8 December 2019.  If you’re still on the fence, why not try a 14-day trial?   It’s free for UC staff, and $25 for everyone else. If you get onto it now, you’ll still have time to grab this great 3mth deal!

See you soon!