Rescue (exercise) in the Erskine stairwell by award winners

 The 2019 round of Vice- Chancellor General Staff Development Awards including Health, Safety and Wellbeing Awards were held in August 2019.

A training session this week with the new rescue stretcher. 

Team Leader UC Rescue, Bruce Vincent, was awarded a Health and Safety Award, which was a new collapsible stretcher that can be used to rescue personnel from heights or confined spaces. UC Rescue is the onsite rescue team that can activate in a major event.

Bruce donated the rescue stretcher to the rescue team and gave it a trial with an exercise in the Erskine stairwell on 1 October.

The stretcher can be rolled up into a back pack to enable it to be carried to locate patients. In a horizontal position it will lift up to 350 kg and it can also be used to lift a patient vertically up to 250 kg.